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About us


is a leading supplier of international-quality building products. Formed in 1967, the Company has garnered an enviable track record in Malaysia’s building industry. Core products include RainTech Gutter System, Rainne Gutter System, Air louvers, Shaders, Bunos Fascias Cappings, Soffits, and Copings, and Qube Panel Ceiling System. We are a one-stop centre for quality roof drainage and roofing accessories.


Bringing over 45 years of solid practical problem solving and installation experience, we will impress you with our expertise, quality and technical support. In return, you will be able to express the identity you seek to portray along with the durability and innovation that’s the hallmark of SYS.


We know how important trust is to our customers. SYS continuously focuses on finding ways to enhance our products’ performance and ensure the reliability of the system so you can enjoy the highest level of satisfaction.

Technology Well equipped facilities using state-of-the art German fabrication machines, customizable to bend bend profile up to 7m length, cut to length uncoiler and more.


Customers first policy SYS believes in putting our valued customers first. From the preliminary to progressive meetings, right up to sorting out issues, SYS puts you, the customer at the top of our agenda. We will listen and understand your needs so that it becomes ours, and we will deliver the solutions to you. This makes us a reliable partner throughout the life-cycle of the building or home.


We support our customers every step of the way; from design, manufacturing and installation to providing sound technical support.


We meet all deadlines no matter the size of the projects.

Greening technology

Using aluminium in our products range as a “green” as a long lasting material that is also recyclable. Besides the material, Rainne & RainTech also come with the rain water harvesting system.

Safety requirements

We meet all industry safety requirements for oil & gas, government projects and so forth.


With 45 years’ of fabricating, installing, and providing superb support, we are fast, flexible, and we have a well-deserved reputation as a technology leader, with such innovations as RainTech Gutter System, Rainne Gutter System, Bunos Soffits, Fascias and Copings, Air louvers Shaders, and Qube Panel Ceiling System.


Our goal in this business is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by designing, fabricating, supplying and making your dream projects a reality – regardless of the size of the project.


Our reputation and long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, honesty, and integrity.